Today I want to talk a little about kitchen tools, in particular about cooktops and compare them to help you to make a right choice. So, lets start.



Have you ever come close to, or really burned yourself while cooking using electric cooktops. I think it happened to everyone who prefers to spend a lot of time on the kitchen.

There is opposite situation with an induction cooking. It is much safer than electric cooking stoves. So what is the main difference? When you turn on an electric burner, the whole cooktop will heat up, right?  The induction cooktop is run on a totally different basis. It heats only where it’s needed; in the pan but not on the cooktop surface!

Here are some other safety  features you can reach using induction cooktops:

- Heat only the place with a cookware.

- It automatically turns off when someone take the cookware off the heat.

- Most of the models are totally safety for the children.


As I mentioned above, with induction you heat only the certain place, so obviously, that will save you much more money than with electric cooktop. Plus, unlike electric, the heating with induction is almost instant, so this helps you to save energy as well.


Actually, both types are not difficult to clean, but cleaning induction panel will take less time because of a place you need to clean. As mentioned, you are not using the whole cooktop.

Hope this information was helpful for you, enjoy your cooking in spite of a type of your cooktop.